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stainless steel camlock couplings

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Part B

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Camlock couplings introduction
Quick connect camlock couplings fittings are the economical, convenient and simple way to transfer liquids and dry products. Cam and groove fittings are available in a wide range of materials and sizes to suit most applications. Type A - Male Cam to Female Thread; Type B - Female Cam to Male Thread; Type C - Female Cam to Hose Tail; Type D - Female Cam to Female Thread; Type E - Male Cam to Hose Tail; Type F - Male Cam to Male Thread; Type DC - Female Cam Dust Cap; Type DP - Male Cam Dust Cap

Size and Material
1/2",  3/4",  1",  1 1/4",  1 1/2",  2",  2 1/2",  3",  4",   5",  6"; Except for stainless steel ,we could also supply camlock couplings in aluminium , polypropylene, bronze.  For detailed information about this stainless steel camlock couplings please send your inquiry to us

In Petrochemical & Chemical Industries, Fertilizers, Steel Plants, Atomic Energy, Power Plants etc.