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hygienic unions

About the union
The hygienic unions are widely used in food, beverage, brewery, biomedical, pharmaceutical applications. Normally, the unions comprises of a male part, a liner, a nut an a seal except for the clamped union which comprises of only two ferrules and a seal.

General descriptions
Material quality: SUS304, SUS 316L ; Flux domination of pipeline: DN25-150 and 1"-6"; Standards: ISO, DIN, SMS, IDF, 3A , RJT; Standard ID finish: 0.8 Ra; For detailed information about this hygienic unions or sanitary unions please send your inquiry to us

Order requirements
1. Quantiy and Size. 2 Product material 3. Product description. 4 Product photos ( if possible), 5,drawings (for customized design). 6. Polish requirements( surface accuracy)