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Hygienic static spray balls / hygienic rotary spray balls

hygienic static spray balls

hygienic rotary spray balls

Hygienic static spray balls / Hygienic rotary spray balls.
Spray ball is used for the cleaning process for storage tanks in dairies, breweries and the industry etc. The spray ball is an integral component of the CIP process. Stainless steel hygienic static spray balls (2,5 - 15 cm diameter) are fully or partially covered with holes, spray balls are thin-walled ( 1 mm ) or thick-walled (2 -6 mm ). As it often occurs that spray balls are mounted in a reactor/tank within the product liquid, the self cleaning power of the spray ball is of utmost importance. Therefore the surface roughness of the stainless steel hygienic static spray balls or hygienic rotary spray balls must be low. The rotary cleaning head is driven by the flow of the cleaning fluid due to reactionary forces at the nozzle The purchaser of spraying devices must keep an eye on the number of holes in the spray ball surface. orifices. A small number of spray holes implies a larger counter pressure, demanding a larger pump pressure

Specification: 1/2″-2″; Standard : ISO,DIN,IDF,SMS; Material quality: SUS304 、 SUS 316L; Applications: pharmacy,beer,food,dairy,beverage,cosmetic,chemical industry; Connection mode: thread-type, clamp, weld-type, faucet-type. For detailed information about this hygienic static spray balls and hygienic rotary spray balls please send your inquiry to us

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