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Sanitary Pipe Hanger

General Description about Pipe Hanger
Pipe Hanger are used to support the sanitary pipe or sanitary fitting in beer, food, dairy, beverage, cosmetics, pharmacy and chemical etc industries. All our pipe hanger are bright finished and the with the allen key type screw bolt with 2 nylock nuts. The lenght from center of pipe hanger to end of shaft would be 90mm as per standard. The material for allen key screw could also made of 304 stainless steel material. For some application, we could also supply these sanitary pipe hanger with blue anti-vibration rubber insert.

Specification and Material:
1/2" to 6", DN15 to DN150 all size included. Material quality: AISI304 and 316L is also available upon request. Standard: ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS.

Order requirements
Quantities,size,drawing of products,material, rubber insert requirement, polish requirement, etc.

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