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sanitary tri-clamp Unions

Tir-clamp unions comprises of:
2 sanitary ferrules ,1 clamp and Seal

hygienic triclamp unions

hygienic ferrule



Tri-clamp Unions
Clamp unions provide a crevice-free connection with a rapid break-down and assembly, with no tools required, clamp unions is the most common union used in the Pharmaceutical industry.Size range 1/2"OD --12"OD for BS4825, DIN10--DIN300 for DIN Standards, NS10--NS100 for SMS Standard. The clampe type have several types for application such as single hinge,double hinge and high pressure.

Materials & machinary
Type: Welded ends, Material quality: AISI304, AISI 316L ,Standard: DIN, ISO, IDF, 3A
Applied to the stainless steel pipeline system ,Medium: Beer, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmacy. For detailed information about this sanitary triclamp unions please send your inquiry to us

Order requirements
1. Quantiy and Size. 2 Product material 3. Product description. 4 Product photos ( if possible), 5,drawings (for customized design). 6. Polish requirements( surface accuracy)

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