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Hygienic SMS Unions

SMS unions comprises of:
SMS welding male part, SMS welding liner,SMS Nut and Seal

SMS Unions

SMS male part

SMS Liner

SMS nut

SMS Unions
SMS (Swedish Metric Standard),unlike the DIN 11851 union, SMS unions is fairly common in the UK , probably second only to RJT. It has good hygienic properties and provides a robust joint. The complete union comprises of a Male part, a Liner, a Nut and a Seal.The Nut is usually round with 6 slots.Blanks, Adaptors and C-Spanners are also stock items. It's applied to dairy industry, wine-making industry, sanitary fitting and machine industry. The quality of products can meet FDA standard.

Materials & machinary
Material quality: SUS304, SUS 316L ; Available size range: 1" up to 4"Available seals: EPDM, Viton and Nitrile.; The SMS unions are also usually investment precision casting together with the fully machined later. A complete range of British Standard 4825 SMS unions available for expanding 1" to 3" and welding type 1" to 4", used primarily where dismantling is frequent. For detailed information about this SMS unions please send your inquiry to us

Order requirements
1. Quantiy and Size. 2 Product material 3. Product description. 4 Product photos ( if possible), 5,drawings (for customized design). 6. Polish requirements( surface accuracy)

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