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RJT Unions BS4825

RJT unions comprises of:
RJT welding male part, RJT welding liner, RJT Nut and Seal

RJT Unions

RJT male part

RJT Liner

RJT nut

About RJT Unions BS4825
RJT Unions(Ring Joint Type) are widely used in UK market and a few countries in Europe . This RJT unions is also used for hygienic application such as food, beverages, cosmetics, brewery, bio & pharmaceutical industrial equipments and so on. RJT Unions comprises of a RJT welding male part, a welding liner, a welding liner, a nut

Materials & machinary
Material quality: SUS304, SUS 316L ; Flux domination of pipeline: DN25-100 and 1"-4"; The RJT unions are usually investment precision casting together with the fully machined later. A complete range of British Standard 4825 RJT unions available for expanding 1" to 3" and welding type 1" to 4", used primarily where dismantling is frequent. For detailed information about this RJT unions BS 4825 please send your inquiry to us

Order requirements
1. Quantiy and Size. 2 Product material 3. Product description. 4 Product photos ( if possible), 5,drawings (for customized design). 6. Polish requirements( surface accuracy)

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